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tenugu naadu = telangaana TELUGU INSCRIPTIONS ON TEMPLE ROCKS : (i) Channarayanapalli, SII 10:no. In many places similar viragals are seen, but without inscriptions.

TELANGAANA region of Andhra Pradesh most probably got its name from these very native people of Mudiraj and Mudiraja kings, whose spoken, political and administrative language was TENUGU (TELUGU) during medieval / feudal times.

Vijayalaya Chola, who conquered Tanjore from Perumbidugu Muttarayan in the 9th Century AD, was also a Pallava feudatory.

Historians believe that Thanjavur was captured by Vijayalaya Cholan (AD 846-880) from the king Perumpidugu Muttaraiyan.

It could be possible that this Durjaya Raju of Cuddapah of 6th century in some way or other related to Erikal Mutturaju of Cuddapah of 6th century.

It is of interest to note that many of the dynasties that began to rise to power during this period, like the Kakatiyas, Kondapadumatis, and Velanati Colas, openly claim their descent from one Durjaya of the caturtha kula (the fourth caste, i.e. Incidentally, this Durjaya is identified with Durjaya-Raju figuring in a sixth century inscription from Cuddapah District.

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Velirs and Muttarayars used to shift their loyalties from Pallavas to and Pandyas to Pallavas depending on the political power & situation from time to time.

For more details on Queens relating to Mudiraj people, please go through webpage on "Queens" in this website. It was believed that the Mutharaiyars and Cholas fought with each other for establishing their political domination over some lands of present day Tamilnadu.