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30-Jun-2019 10:05

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For example, interest rates fall within permitted boundaries.

Some documentation and references interchangeably use the various meanings, which is very confusing to all concerned.

Business rules are known during design, and they influence implementation.

However, there are bad, good and "best" approaches.

If the codes match, then we proceed with emailing the form submission. Here is the code that does the server side processing: $image_width = 120; $image_height = 40; $characters_on_image = 6; $font = './monofont.ttf'; //The characters that can be used in the CAPTCHA code.

The account select option is read directly and provided in a message back to the backend system without validating the account number if one of the accounts provided by the backend system.This confusion directly causes continuing financial loss to the organization.Integrity checks must be included wherever data passes from a trusted to a less trusted boundary, such as from the application to the user's browser in a hidden field, or to a third party payment gateway, such as a transaction ID used internally upon return.The number of characters in the CAPTCHA can be changed by updating $characters_on_image.

Similarly, the text color of the CAPTCHA can be customized by updating $captcha_text_color.

Check for the presence of any “new line” (rn) in those fields.

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