Validating and non validating parser difference

26-May-2019 17:52

All three provide identical APIs in lxml, represented by validator classes with the obvious also provides support for ISO-Schematron, based on the pure-XSLT skeleton implementation of Schematron: There is also basic support for The parser in lxml can do on-the-fly validation of a document against a DTD or an XML schema.

The Oxygen Validation Scenarios allow you to specify multiple validations to be performed and which engine to use for each validation.

While the techniques were used for an parser, most of them can be applied to parsers of other formats or even unrelated software (e.g., memory management algorithms are widely applicable beyond parsers).

Since there are several substantially different approaches to syntax while validating parsers can check data semantics as well).

As you have explained,if data is interpreted as an instance of the model in mere parsing itself,it looks like,it will still validate the content and value and order.

Otherwise,the instance will fail against the modal,then why still "content and value" validation is required?

This is provided by the lxml.isoschematron package that implements the Schematron class, with an API compatible to the other validators'.

Firstly only parsers with a message model can validate, so that is XMLNSC/SOAP (with a schema), MRM, DFDL and Data Object.

As you can see from the following illustration, it's quite simple to add others using Stylus Studio®'s Custom Validation Engines feature.

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If you edit one of those files then you would want to check that the master document is valid.

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Oxygen Validation Scenarios allow you to validate the master document instead of only validating the current file.For MRM and DFDL parsing does validate against the model but restrictions are only checked if validation is enabled.