Validating dates in excel

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Depending on exclude option, a row is included or excluded when user-defined filter function returns true. Cost table must contain a key figure named costs, and margin table must contain a key figure named margin.

Insert a new (output) key figure which is the aggregate of selected (input) key figure w.r.t. For example, KF sales_per_category as aggregate of KF sales w.r.t. Resultant price table contains all three key figures: costs, margin and price.

Example for a User-Defined table function (UDF)Typical commission calculation with tiered rates and product poools (or groups).

Calculates sales commissions per product pool and per dealer, given four input tables: Sales table (transactions), Commission-Scale table (tiered rates), Product-Pool table (defines product groups), Scale-To-Pool table (tiered rates per dealer and product group).

Select the function from the menu named Table Functions: This simple table function creates a subtable with the selected fields (i.e.

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If the exclude option is checked, selected fields are excluded from the input table.Using Office 365, you can create more inclusive content that is accessible to all.