Validating the genomic signature of pediatric septic shock Web sex no charge

03-Apr-2019 05:22

Circulating blood cells from critically ill patients with septic shock exhibit decreased oxidative respiration, electron chain complex activity, mitochondrial turnover, and mitochondrial membrane potential [].Blood is an easily accessible tissue that can be used to directly measure mitochondrial dysfunction in immune cells and may reflect a systemic process affecting other vital organs.

validating the genomic signature of pediatric septic shock-49


Total RNA was isolated from whole blood using the Pax Gene Blood RNA System (Pre Analyti X, Qiagen/Becton Dickson, Valencia, CA, USA).

Image files were captured using an Affymetrix Gene Chip Scanner 3000. CEL) were subsequently preprocessed using robust multiple-array average (RMA) normalization and Gene Spring GX 7.3 software (Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA, USA).

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