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Immediately after that a 'Twin Peaks' kid offers the man a package that catapults him into the world of his favourite comic strip, where he takes the role of Darksheer.Darksheer is a cheap Batman clone and all villains he will have to fight look like Aldi versions of Gotham city crooks.As a part of their on-screen personas, they switched places behind the referee's back if one of them was hurt.They also occasionally competed in mixed tag team matches, teaming with male wrestlers including Kofi Kingston and Robert Anthony.These negative reviews made me want to check it out, because sometimes things are so bad they actually become camp or cult, like William Shatner's Tek War novels, for instance. A broke bookseller, Peter Grey, falls asleep in front of his telly and out of the static noise climbs this female vampire who takes off her clothes and jumps on his neck showing her big white fangs.Pretty impressive stuff for a starter although the upper boobs horizon is never crossed.

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Nikki received her title match against AJ Lee on November 23 at Survivor Series, which she won, with Brie's help, to become a two-time Divas Champion.Nikki also made an appearance, reuniting with her twin, as she was under the ring to help Brie during the match.

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