Ways of validating data

24-Apr-2019 01:19

You have data coming into your application, and you would like to filter or reject data that might be malicious.

Perform data validation at all levels whenever possible.

At the very least, make sure data is filtered on input.

Match constructs that are known to be valid and harmless. In addition, be sure to be skeptical about any data coming from a potentially insecure channel.

For example, you will generally want to validate that the person on the other end of the connection has the right credentials to perform the operations that she is requesting.

However, when you're doing data validation, most often you'll be worried about input that might do things that no user is supposed to be able to do.

For example, an access control mechanism might determine whether a user has the right to use your application to send email.

However, each one of these techniques alone is somewhat error-prone.

When you're checking input at the points where data arrives, be aware that components might get ripped out and matched with code that does not do the proper checking, making the components less robust than they should be.

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