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Some independent projects are available such as usb chessboard 101, or voice controlled chess robots, Chess board step sequencer.Additionally some open projects are available that even move pieces (or gigantic pieces).Sometimes during blitz games over the board, or when in zeitnot, it gets very difficult to annotate them.I've seen several software / hardware to help in writing the notation, even one that's FIDE approved; these require that you repeat the moves on the device.But wherever the camera gets placed, there's a distinct probability its view will be obstructed by one of the players, either leaning over the board, reaching for the clock, or simply gesticulating. I just won the playoff, but I am embarassed of how poorly I played.I'd think that from this first step it wouldn't be too difficult to convert a video to PGN - take images every few milliseconds, analyse them, and if the position has changed in a legal way add the new position to the file.

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These kinds of problems have been solved in other situations, but not with 100% accuracy, and certainly not at prices that are even close to being competitive with the DGT board.

A more simple and cheap "live board" technology might be a better way to go in that case.