Websites to roleplay sexual themes chatrooms

16-Apr-2019 05:02

I like there to be action, violence, swearing, dark things, angst. If you do pure romance rps, don't bother to IM me because when the romance is too much, it bores another thing I like. It would depend on the character really so it's up for discussion. I don't have many characters that are open to do this however.

Father/son is the typical one, otherwise I will be making characters in the future that are more open to this in the sense of it could be a father/son, brother/brother, cousin/cousin, etc., it's something I like just as much as the next person.

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I would hope that you'd do the same for me so that, if it's just the RP that isn't liked, we can think something else up instead of going into the messy world of blocking people and meeting them later on another the person I rp with doesn't matter to me.

Boy, girl, guy turning into a girl or vice versa, it doesn't matter as long as the rp is good, is fun, and keeps both of us interested. I have doms that are virgins, and soon, so I don't run into problems again, I'll start listing whether my characters are a virgin or not. Then I just won't rp whatever character because I is typically what I do to allow the modern type sls to have people in it such as angels, etc if one of the characters happens to be one. I know people out there don't like it which is fine.

I brought back the length of words because people just don't seem to get it otherwise... Sometimes it's even hard to read because I don't know where things end or should have a pause. (even if it's when we're trying to discuss rp or just talk) is lame.