What is a gold digger when dating

16-Jun-2019 22:44

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She added: "Some of them have asked me to move in with them, live with them.But I’m not ready for that stage yet because my life is here in the USA.’ My dream was to travel but I could never afford it.

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The former convict has insisted he's never been happier after striking up a romance with the Topshop heiress over the summer."We’ve found love, we’re in love and we are very happy.“I love Chloe for her and if she didn’t have a dollar I wouldn’t give a s*** because we’re so happy.He went on to insist he gets on well with her dad, billionaire businessman Phillip Green, who doesn't judge him over his past mistakes.

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Meeks added: "Her dad has never questioned me on my past or made me feel uncomfortable and I’m not scared of what he thinks of me because he knows his daughter.

Heidy Pandora suffered from depression for two years and says travel dating saved her life - because she can't afford to fund her jet setting lifestyle alone.