What is thermoluminescence dating used for

24-May-2019 20:07

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The sample is then given a laboratory irradiation and a second increase is measured.

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When dates of a number of sherds associated together are averaged, the error is reduced typically to 7-10 per cent. The succeeding 30 years, and increased understanding of the dosimetry, have not brought much improvement.

Sample discs are mounted on a wheel and the readers are programmed to run heating and irradiation sequences.

The TL is measured using a sensitive detector called a photomultiplier tube.

curve is from the applied laboratory dose For the genuine vase, the archaeological signal(s) are well above the background and close to the signal from the applied laboratory dose.

For the modern vase the archaeological signal is barely above background and well below the TL signal from the applied laboratory dose.

When we receive your sample we must first prepare it for measurement.