What to say at a speed dating event

04-Jun-2019 23:02

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So without further ado, lets start by finding out what the experts think are the BIGGEST attraction killers: The Biggest Attraction Killers (voted by 21 Female Dating Experts!

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And after reading this post, be sure to check out our review of this popular system that’s helped over 100,000 guys meet and attract a loving loyal girlfriend into their life.

Attraction is an emotion, it’s defined by how a girl feels about you.

Her attraction for you is not logically determined by a screening process – your job, looks, hobbies and interests.

Now you need to know how to pepper these core traits throughout your interactions with women.

So let’s quickly go through how to confidently attract a girl you’ve just met 🙂 Smile and hold eye contact.

To crack the secret code of attraction you have to start by learning from your mistakes.

What could you be doing in the meantime while you're waiting for that person to show up?… continue reading »

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