Wheesung dating ivy

12-May-2019 21:18

[ 143, -2] I'm more curious about how she turned her ex-boyfriend of 5 years into a stalker.

She even wore his couple ring and lied to Wheesung about how it was a ring from her mother. [ 98, -21] Ivy had a boyfriend she was dating since before her debut.

I love Wheesung for his music so regardless of his personal decisions, as long as he makes good songs or perform his songs well — I would always be a fan. I am a fan afterall so I won’t deny my self on reacting with his non-singing engagements.

I watched the MNET Wheesung Scandal last night and just slept for 4 hours.

This is not the first time that I am reacting delayed to something that had happen relating to Wheesung.

While I had this tip on the MNET Scandal that he will star in an MNET show and seeing that You Tube posts on Wheesung dating someone — i thought I don’t really give a damn on those stuff.

Think of all those times when idols cry over stories of their trainee times.

We reported earlier that girl group T-ara would be returning later this month with a repackaged album as courtesy for ending their album promotions early.

she just doesn't seem like a decent person judging from her blog or SNS posts. [ 499, -16] Funny how she leaves out the part where she cheated on them...She should stop trying ot gain sympathy and start explaining those things first. [ 102, -3] But would she have even felt remorse if none of this was revealed? After her debut, she started dating Wheesung while working on an album with him.As a public figure, your private life is just as important. Wheesung had no idea he was being cheated on and dated her for 8 months.[ 1,045, -38] She calls them rumors ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ wow, she still doesn't get it, what an utter b*tch 2. You totally played him in the dirtiest way possible 3.

[ 834, -18] I'm not curious about your side but the sides of the people you hurt 4.As I was mentioning on my previous post on this program, I was so ( envious of that lady who got the chance not just to be with Wheesung for 1 day but be his girlfriend for 7 days. After watching the entire MNET show, I got excited and happy seeing Wheesung date.