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La Colombe's stunning Fishtown flagship cafe is more than a high-style coffee hall.

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Kraftwork Few of Fishtown's pubs are as handsome as this corner bar fitted with hop-leaf-carved saw blades, tiger-maple tables, and a tool motif ode to industrial days past.

Philly Style Bagels Bagel lovers of Philly have rejoiced since this longtime pop-up finally landed a brick-and-mortar store on Palmer Park.

The hand-rolled bagels, which ferment for 38 hours before a boil in Yards IPA, bake to a tawny, chewy crisp that is hands-down my vote for top bagel in town.

Frankford Hall This big beer garden courtyard stylishly carved from the ruins of a vacant lot was the Stephen Starr creation that opened Fishtown's gates to the ping-pong-slapping bro masses. Given the uninspired German fare, big crowds, and so-so beer service, I see why. Kensington Quarters Fishtown puts its best hooves forward with a unique hybrid concept pairing a whole-animal sustainable-meat butcher shop with a restaurant kitchen, meat-cutting classroom, and bar in a stylishly converted industrial space.

Fishtown Tavern This low-key spot feels like it stopped halfway between its transformation from old-man bar to hipster haunt. The upscale menu from chef Damon Menapace bolsters grass-fed meats and charcuterie with a spontaneous locavore approach.A recent meal of crepinette and snails, house charcuterie (available as a CSA), and duck egg crème brûlée was solid, if not spectacular, but the deserted room and listless service made me wonder how it survives.