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The error of Day’s argument is seen in the following paragraph because he recognizes that even if it were asserted that Dnil of Ugarit were an El-devotee, he was still a polytheist and, therefore, not able to meet the requirements of Ezekiel’s “righteousness” which is ascribed to Daniel in . .” On this point it should be noted that Day’s euphemistic “also figure in” really means “Dnil worshiped Baal and other deities.” In other words, no matter how the text is sliced, this man from Ugarit was no monotheist.So Day brings in an analogy which fails to hold water upon close scrutiny: “It is true that Baal and other deities also figure in the Aqhat text, but this is clearly no insuperable obstacle to Daniel’s having become venerated as a righteous man by the time of Ezekiel. But Day goes on: “That this is no special pleading is indicated by the example of Noah, mentioned alongside Daniel as a righteous man in Ezekiel xiv 14, 20, whose name, according to (italics added).Yet, the Old Testament never treats El and YHWH as different from one another.

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Harold Dressler is well qualified to discuss the Dnil of the Ras Shamra texts since he wrote his doctoral dissertation on that very topic. However, it must be noted that the Book of Ezekiel does not attach much importance to exact patterns of enumeration. A simple relabeling of the categories changes everything.The logical fallacy of Day is that of creating a label, then assuming that that label is the only one that fits.Ezekiel’s language will not easily yield to such manipulation.statement, that Day would spend some time attempting to refute this point which Dressler considered so weighty. Accordingly, it may be maintained that Daniel was a pious devotee of the god El.

Day does, indeed, log a bit of time on it, though, in my view, he paints himself in a corner in the process: That the expression ” (italics added). This is significant, since the Old Testament idenitifies El with Yahweh, and did not have the scruples about so doing which it had with regard to Baal.Could it be that this Danel is the same as Daniel in the book that bears his name? Perhaps most important has been the investigation into the meaning of in Ez. Ezekiel simply spells the name without the vowel letter ” (p. There are many indications within the book of Daniel that suggest that he anticipated hesitation on the part of his audience to accept him as a true prophet of YHWH, in particular because of his status in the political machinery of a foreign regime.

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