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She chalks up his reticence to an unhappy first marriage to actress Carolyn Jones, who later found fame as Morticia Adams.

Candy’s book takes on a more heartbreaking tone when she describes the gradual decline of her husband, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

The memoir covers her often-fractured relationship with daughter Tori and explains Candy’s side of the story.

She claims Tori cut off communication soon after her first daughter’s marriage to Charlie Shanian.

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Also thrown into the mix is the daughter's ex-husband, a ne-er-do-well who is seeking to get back in his ex-wife's good graces.

The boyfriend Chris at first appears fairly normal, but later he seems caught up in their uninhibited self-indulgence.

I don't even want to think about the helicopter!

“It was like running a marathon.” She broke up with Mr.

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“Pump and Dump,” as her girlfriends had cheekily nicknamed him, because he was “getting too attached,” and she just couldn’t stand “those six-hour romps anymore.” The 68-year-old author also dishes on her courtship with the man behind “Dynasty,” “Beverly Hills: 90210” and countless other TV shows, revealing that they had a bumpy courtship with two breakups and an expired marriage license.Speling gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday afternoon. Spelling told People magazine, "We are over the moon in love with baby Beau.