Who is gabriel aubry dating

18-Aug-2019 00:34

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Aubry objected to the move on the grounds that it would interfere with Aubry and Berry's joint custody arrangement.

’ because our kids go to the same school,” Charlize said during “Plead the Fifth.” If you didn’t know, Gabriel is Halle Berry‘s ex, and they have a daughter together. It’s just sex, though,” James Mc Avoy replied jokingly.

“I met him for like three seconds, like, passing I was just like, ‘Hi!

I’ve never met him,” the Atomic Blonde actress, 41, said.

“Halle never thought he’d rebound so quickly – and she’s upset,” says another insider.

“It’s been a huge blow to her ego.” But according to a friend of hers, it was always Halle’s worst nightmare that Gabriel would be attracted to someone else, and now she believes her fears have been confirmed.

Last week, she revealed that she went on an “incredible date” with a “really cool dude,” but kept mum on his name. It was fun.” Theron is currently promoting her new film, Atomic Blonde.