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Vanderbilt, proudly called the Harvard of the South, is a literally and figuratively central institution in Nashville, a city whose economic engine is powered nearly as much by higher education as it is the music industry.Founded in 1873 by philanthropist Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, the university and its medical center together employ around 25,000 people, making it the largest private employer in Middle Tennessee.

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Authorities eventually came to believe Vandenburg had intercourse with the Oklahoma woman while she was unconscious, while three other football players said to have been in room at some point in the night were charged as well.During the alleged assault, according to sources, Vandenburg took pictures and video on his phone, and later sent four individuals the graphic footage. The three other football players in the dorm room that night were Cory Batey, 6'1", 208 pounds from Nashville; Brandon Banks, 5'10", 165 pounds from Maryland; and Ja Borian "Tip" Mc Kenzie, 5'7", 175 pounds from Mississippi.None of them had ever played a game — Vandenburg was a transfer and the other three had been red-shirted during their freshman season.After the incident, a somber atmosphere overtook Gillette, students who lived there said.

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Police went door-to-door questioning students about the night, creating confusion for those who had more questions than answers.

"The middle looked like it had been cracked through and the dry wall had fallen out. It was split right down the middle," said a student living on Gillette's third floor.