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Later in the series he developes feelings for her, but is too late. He still does his best to make Jan Di always smile. (one sided crush) He is a guitarist that plays in an unknown band, and meets Jan Di at a bar where she is with Oh Min-Ji.After learning about Jun Pyo and Jan Di's relationship, he's seen to have given up, but still tries to pursue her. In that episode, they also hug, which makes things complicated. Whenever Jan Di had a problem, Ji Hoo was always there to her aid. He can tell she doesn't like the scene, and also says he finds it too rowdy.During Ji Hoo's absence, Jan Di and Jun Pyo grow closer and she realizes she loves Jun Pyo.

She developes a crush on him, as he has saved her a number of times. Yoon Ji Hoo is considered to be Geum Jan-Di's first love.

The next day, Jun Pyo places a red card in her locker which turns the whole school on her to bully her and also harrass her.