Who is lil mama dating now

28-Jul-2019 12:35

Well, maybe he shouldn't have just revealed it on a popular reality show.

Both June and Mike Thompson opened up about their messy relationship in a very candid conversation with toofab last year.

You deserve to be with someone who will be there for you and choose you and only you.

I'm in the same situation to,they talked everyday on the phone it's always about the kid, I mean if the kid is not sick there's no reason to be on the phone every dawn so weak when it's about the ex,she makes him do anything because of the baby any advice please I'm tired n frustrated.

He also feels like if he doesnt go along with it to some degree that she will make his life a living hell when it comes to his kids.

So I have an insecurity that one day he will feel guilty enough to get back with her. He does everything for her and he won't do the same for me.

In a sneak peek clip, where it appears the two forgot there were cameras in their bedroom, Mike Thompson is seen telling his baby mama, "Don't bring this up with nobody else 'cause I don't want this out there: I have experimented with guys." She's seen mouthing, "Oh my god," before adding in a confessional, "He tells me that he’s went to 'the other side.'" "That’s not my cup of tea," he continues."It's just something I was curious about, experimented with it, and it's over with and done with, and that's it, won't ever happen again." As for what happened, Sugar Bear put it very bluntly: "I got my d--k sucked." So, why'd he keep it a secret?