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Last week brought another FBI raid in town, with another round of accusations that federal monies had been misappropriated by those affiliated with the Orthodox Jewish community.Ongoing tension over zoning regulations, or lack thereof, builds.Environmentalists are relying on a century-old state law to derail the construction of a new petroleum pipeline proposed to run through the Lower Hudson Valley.A coalition of conservation groups want to use the, first passed in 1909, to stop Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings LLCs proposal to build two parallel running pipelines 178 miles between Albany and Linden, New Jersey.Her campaign, Falciglia noted, also received ,000 from Joseph and Esther Markowitz and companies linked to their Monsey address.The Markowitzes' names were on checks an undercover FBI agent used in a 2012 sting operation to make illegal campaign contributions to then-New York City Councilman Dan Halloran's congressional campaign." Read the complete Journal News story here.April 1, 2016 "Rockland lawmakers pushing for a bill to get revenue and oversight for the troubled East Ramapo school district said Friday that the measure failed to get into the state budget.

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The developer agreed to pay back the money in installments but payments stopped in October, County Attorney Thomas Humbach said.Town Board member Pat Withers said the RLDC has had informal discussions with New Hempstead and with potential private developers who expressed interest in the site, including Hilton.

It’s really annoying when Scarlett Johannssen’s sweater is red in the wide shot and maroon in the close up. See if you can get your hands on a nickel pickup cover and a chrome one. If you want to comment, please use the comment form on the post or photo.… continue reading »

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Tenor allows integrators of its service to block potentially objectionable image results or a defined list of search terms.… continue reading »

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Released in 1971, this song describes the emotions you go through, from the past to present when in a relationship. "You're The Inspiration" by Chicago When you think of love, you think of affection and devotion. Released in 1984, this song tells a story that defines how important motivation is to any romance, especially love. "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin Is love something that just happens or is it something we should look for?… continue reading »

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