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) in her native Australia, Weaving is ready to take over Hollywood.Though, becoming an actress was never the original plan for the quiet starlet.Then her baby daddy started going out with someone else and it became this weird, awkward co-parenting trio. I just finished this job, , which was set in the 1900s.But I think it's a really pivotal story to tell, especially now, when there are a lot of single parents and young mothers out there. And it's always fun working with a heavily female cast. So to get ready, I had to wear corsets and go to etiquette school.So what's the best part about taking on a new role? It's the moment between having done all your homework -- learning every line backwards and forwards, you know where the arc is, you know where the pivots are, and you build your own little platform, then as soon as you step on that stage or set, you leap off that platform you've spent months or weeks building.It's this moment of utter freedom where you know exactly where you're going and where you've come from, and you're just living in the moment."Getting to know someone else's brain that may be completely different from yours, or quite similar, or terrifying -- it's like therapy." is great.

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There has to be a little bit of you in there, or else you're not going to tell the story properly.

I just played one on TV.'Has it been different coming from Australian films and TV to Hollywood?

Enormously -- it's a completely different ballgame. With it just got sold to Amazon, so hopefully that can break the glass ceiling on Aussie TV making it to the States. Or is it easier to play someone who's your complete opposite?

She has also starred in the Netflix film The Babysitter (2017).

Her father, Simon Weaving, is a filmmaker and the artistic director of the Canberra International Film Festival."I started only because I moved schools a lot as a kid, and I was super shy, so my parents thought it'd be a good idea to put me into acting classes," says Weaving.