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They were good, really good but the food we had on this tour of old and new Delhi was in a different league. We had dishes that I thought I knew but I now know different. I used to be fairly ambivalent towards lassi, now I’m trying to find a local potter to make me a clay mug (you’ll find out) The food alone would have made this a great experience, but in addition to that the company of Rajeev and Jaidev made it all the more special.

Their knowledge is encyclopaedic but more than that they were both very warm lads with a great sense of humour.

I love Vietnamese food, I love Thai food, I love anything that’s experimental and a little different —mixes of a couple different cuisines are really fun for me. Also, try recreating some of your favorite restaurant meals. If you both love food, there’s nothing better than cracking a bottle of wine in the kitchen and then cooking together. There’s a sauce called romesco sauce that’s so good. I know it’s been debated whether it’s a superfood or not, but whenever I have something like that I put lots of berries, banana, granola, and coconut shavings in it. I do love a good whiskey cocktail with bitters and maybe a bit of honey. That thing that you and Sara Underwood do with the burgers—an image now seared into the minds of men forever—that happened more than once? And then we did it separately, too, to make sure that we wouldn’t get it all over our faces and that the burger wasn’t going to fall apart and sloppy joe wasn’t going to go God knows where.

I’ve actually never been to Israel, but when I was in Poland the food was amazing, and there’s a Polish restaurant in Santa Monica that I like. There’s nothing more crazy than barbeque sauce everywhere. If you go on a first date and the guy starts going to town on a big juicy burger and it’s all over the place, what are you thinking? In Southern California I grew up eating street tacos and burritos on the beach, so I like people who can eat and aren’t afraid to show it. I’ve been on dates where guys don’t think I’m going to eat as much as them, and soon I’m reaching for their plate.

However, there are no known mt DNA test-takers in her direct maternal line.

It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Sarah: I have done the family finder at DNA test and matched another lady who also did family finder and her Underwood Relative is the brother to Sarah by the name Joseph Underwood who died 1822 Elbert Co. Y-DNA confirmed me to my 5GGF Jonathan, this test confirmed his mother was Sarah Underwood Franklin. Sarah is 21 degrees from Marty Acks, 19 degrees from AJ Jacobs, 18 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II Windsor and 30 degrees from Václav z Čechy on our single family tree.

You can get a rotisserie chicken and dip that in it or make sandwiches and that’s a pretty simple one. [Laughs.] It’s funny, for someone who loves food, that I don’t have more of an interest in making it, but I guess I just don’t have the patience. If you’re turning my dinner party into a rave, that’s probably not a good sign for the relationship.

I cook like a guy, so if I can do it then I’m sure they can. So, what was it like eating hamburgers with Sara Underwood? I mean, you don’t even want to know how many burgers we bit into! Ok, well, first of all, there’s an art to the bite of a burger. Well, you know, I could say, but I kind of like the fact that not everybody knows.

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Wâdi Tumilât connects Lake Timsâh with the Delta across the Arabian desert, and forms the natural entrance to Egypt from the Asiatic side. Extensive commercial relations were maintained with the Syrian coast (whither King Snefrû, of the third dynasty, sent a fleet to procure cedar logs from Mount Lebanon), with the Upper Nile districts, with Arabia to the south, and with the Somali coast (, a hard dark stone which was used for statues and coffins.… continue reading »

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