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905 years until 1001 millenium, • Hebraic: present year 5759. Well, maybe some intellectual Catholics (Jesuits, probably) have convinced themselves that Pope Gregory XIII created the "one true" calendar by tuning in -- infallibly -- to some Cosmic Clock.

242 years to 6001 millenium • Mayan: present year 5113. Einstein, however, has proven mathematically, and his successors have proven experimentally, that no such "one true" clock exists anywhere; and most of us don't believe in Papal infallibility, anyway.

More and more I lose contact with "me" and flow with all else that flows.Dao-process. I have used a variety of different calendars over the past 30 years--partly because I find it amusing to do so, but mostly for reasons of neurolinguistic self-education.

An old proverb of the Middle Kingdom says, "The wise become Confucian in good times, Buddhist in bad times and Daoist in old age." If some pookah magick made me thirty years younger, in the present wretched state of this nation, I'd have to become a Buddhist. When pain keeps me from writing, I eat a magick muffin, sit on the balcony and get totally lost in the Dao. [I employ a few dozen other devices of this sort to re-program myself out of conventional semantic grids: experiments, if you will, on Guinea Pig Bob.] For instance, I often use Ezra Pound's post-Christian calendar to date this column.

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Although too ignorant of Chinese to trust my own judgement, I have always preferred Ez's rendering of Dao as "process" on the basis of Ernest Fenollosa's claim that ideograms render "noun and verb as one -- things in motion, motion in things." That fits the world of modern physics, of perception psychology and of what little I think I know of Chinese.

You can imagine my delight when Daniel Coyle, a friend who recently [1999] earned a Ph. in Chinese studies, assured me that Pound got it right.

Dao, the process, seems more nitty-gritty and tangible since I acquired an apartment with a panoramic vista of Monterrey Bay and the surrounding hills. Waves, sun, fogs, seasons, dogs, dolphins, moons, planets, stars -- all seem flowing, as if every kind of evolution, cosmic to biological,parades before me.

Beginning at midnight 30 October1921 -- when Joyce wrote the last words of Ulysses -- this chronolog has six months for the male/solar divinities (Hepheistos, Zeus, Saturn, Hermes, Mars, Phoebus) and six for the female/lunar divinities (Kupris, Juno, Athena, Hestia, Artemis, Demeter.) In this system, these words will appear on 8 Hestia 78 p.s. Sometimes, I use the Discordian calendar, which dates everything from the Original Snub and makes today 1 Bureaucracy 3165 y. As you can plainly see, we have 923 years to go until the next millenium (1001 p.s. 581 Islamic years (or 563 solar years) to 2001 millenium.

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U.) on the Poundian calendar, and 836 years to go to the next millenium (4001 y. A few other random calendars yield results like this: • Thelemic: present year 96. Why all the fuss, then, about the totally arbitrary Gregorian millenium?Dating the year after next 2001 (Gregorian) has as much and as little validity as dating it 5761 (Hebrew) or dating it 128 (Pataphysical.) I think most people honest-to-Gawd believe the Papist date "is" the "real" date because they never stop to think about it.