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The original listing was the Great Mosque of Córdoba, a 7th-century Catholic Church converted to a mosque in the 8th century; restored to a Roman Catholic cathedral in the 13th century by Ferdinand III.

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The original entry titled "Churches of the Kingdom of the Asturias" and was extended to include other monuments such as La Foncalada.

Of these 46 sites, 40 are cultural, 4 are natural, and 2 are mixed (meeting both cultural and natural criteria), as determined by the organization's selection criteria.

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A long-term solution is to update these clients as soon as possible. I suggest creating a new agent in the Domino Designer, then selecting "all selected documents" from the menu and copying the following Lotus Script code into the agent: Option Public Option Declare 'Use "Open Log Functions" Sub Initialize 'On Error Goto Errorhandler Dim ws As New Notes UIWorkspace Dim session As New Notes Session Dim db As Notes Database Dim dc As Notes Document Collection Dim doc As Notes Document Dim total As Long Dim docnum As Long Set db = session. … continue reading »

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