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28-Jun-2019 10:11

For additional information regarding DHCP Options not being recommended or supported please see the below articles: The only exception where a DHCP Option needs to be used is when DHCP and WDS reside on the same server.In this instance, DHCP Option 60, and only DHCP Option 60, needs to be set.Monitor this log and verify that the PXE Service Point uninstalled correctly.It may take a few minutes for the deinstallation to start and finish successfully.If the folder contains subfolders, there are additional packages on the SMSPXEIMAGES$ DP that need to be removed: a.

For more information, please see the section “ It is IMPERATIVE that before continuing that it has been verified that the routers have IP Helpers configured AND that the DHCP server does NOT have DHCP Options 60, 66, or 67 configured.On the far right last column the Package ID will be listed.Match up the Package ID obtained in Step 1 with the Package Name. Based on the Package Name obtained in the Step 2, locate the package under one of the following nodes in the Config Mgr 2007 console: ” button. On the server where the PXE Service Point is being uninstalled, navigate to the Config Mgr 2007 site server log location using Windows Explorer.If this is the first time the PXE Service Point is being installed on the server, it may take a few minutes for the service has started.

Additionally make sure that the Remote Install folder has been created on the root level of the one of the drives of the server. In the Config Mgr 2007 Admin Console, navigate to “When the PXE Service Point is installed, it will automatically configure WDS and create the Remote Install folder.

Furthermore the use of DHCP Options to control PXE requests is not supported by Microsoft.