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The Black Writers Museum is a cultural institution that emphasizes on black, historically significant language, poetry, and prose.Only minutes from the Universal Street Academy, the Black Writers Museum will build hand and hand with USA in bringing civilization to the forefront of our communities. The Black Writers Museum will be conducting their 'Expressive Arts Summer Camp' from 7/8/13 to 8/16/13 featuring African Dance, drumming, and black classical literary arts with academic enrichment, sports, recreation, and nutrition. #Atlantis Build #Five Percenter We will that this newsletter finds you in a state of peace and happiness. This website features a bi-monthly blog that highlights the social commentary, current events and creative insights of author, youth advocate and creative artist Saladin Quanaah Allah.

Allah Universal Lord Life, Divine Universal Allah, and Khazire Knowledge Allah interviewed with True Father Allah on True Skool Radio in April regarding the Universal Street Academy, its early impact, and future plans. We want to thank Saladin Quanaah Allah, who brokered the interview and of course True Father Allah for giving the Gods and opportunity to speak about our beloved Academy.We have much to catch up on; from the fish fry fundraiser, to the raffle results, our other institution in Power Hill and the huge turnout at the U. Our brother I-Supreme of the Desert in Power Hill has relocated his famed Black Writers Museum (BWM) to 5800 Germantown Avenue at the historic Vernon House (seen above).The Gods and Earths are making our mark and creating institutions that will stand the test of time!The Gods and Earths have never been more determined. May 18th 2013 will be remembered as one of the greatest days in Universal Street Academy's history...

We are writing history in advance and the future is bright! And When the call comes from abroad to build the next academy, regardless to where it is, your family from Power Hill will be there to show our supreme equality.

It is so great to see us coming to together for a common cause. They were always about "divide and conquer." There is no future for a man without a country. During slavery in this country, as a practice, they would never export slaves from the same locale.

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