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15-May-2019 18:39

handled a sensitive presentation to its board of directors on lead paint litigation.

The three men believed they were doing the right thing when they spoke up.

The largest health care fraud settlement and largest criminal fine ever levied in the United States came about because the Columbus-area man and five others blew the whistle on off-label marketing of drugs at Pfizer Inc.

Demott lost his job as a senior sales representative, said he was blackballed from the pharmaceutical industry and spiraled into depression after confronting his boss about Pfizer's prescription drug promotions.

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Whistleblowers in recent years have been responsible for getting defective bullet-proof vests off the market, revealed how financial services group UBS helped thousands of Americans evade taxes with offshore accounts and disclosed waste and fraud by oilfield services company Halliburton in Iraq.

With the new SEC law, whistleblowers may find some protection against harassment because it lets people divulge tips anonymously, said Tom Devine, who's helped over 5,000 whistleblowing employees during three decades as legal director at the Government Accountability Project. whistleblower, Jeffrey Wigand, said he continues to get hate mail.

But for each of them things went painfully, if somewhat predictably, awry.

Challenging their employers came with an enormous professional and personal price.This procedure is a monetary safeguard which minimizes the risk of selling items at far below the market value.

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