Xref layers not updating

03-Mar-2019 03:18

Here is a good place to look to find any problems with your XREFs, such as XREF paths that might have changed.

You can update the XREF paths from here by overwriting the “found at” path, or by selecting the ellipsis (…) in this field and browsing to the drawing.

When using the External References palette, it is recommended that you turn on the Auto-hide feature or anchor the palette.

The palette will then hide automatically when you specify the insertion point of the external reference.

Try changing the settings of XLOADCTL Turns xref demand loading on and off and controls whether it opens the original drawing or a copy.

xref layers not updating-48

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We used to use Layer state to update the layers, now we use the design center. Example 2 has the wrong layers - so Design center is open, layers from Example 1 are dragged and dropped into Example 2.

Any settings that will automatically check changes to an xref and re-load it instead of just telling you "an xref needs reloading"?

the problem is occuring when i go to publish and i end up with out-dated info because acad doesn't auto-refresh the xrefs.

lolmy mistake perhaps i mis typed something the clipping is not the issue certain text and things have been added to the original dwg, that I am x reffing..when i try and reload the xref in other dwgs.

lol Ok, if I understand right, I think it's VISRETAIN you are looking for...If set to 1, any changes to XREF layer properties, visibility, colour, etc is saved in the host file.