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But, despite all limitations and knowing that it is almost impossible to use all the "stored" knowledge at one time, computer-generated art - processing tons of information from a myriad of sources - will always lack something.

Despite this giant leap in technology we are currently witnessing, the central driving force of what we call "art" will always be soul.

On the Night – CD you’ll find the best Club – Tracks, played by Sven at Amnesia to rock the crowd.

The Day – CD includes chilly Beach – Sound, underlining a day at Ibiza the best possible way and makes it become a unforgettable Summer-Dream.

At the very base of Jacek's style lies originality: The tracks always manage to retain an individual edge, keeping with a very special kind of string-driven melancholy over accelerating beats.

But the artist's imagination reaches beside the dancefloor: at one point also some more experimental tracks started to surface.

The record was determined to be a cross-section through his musical identity, which formed over more than ten years of listening and making music.

It is full of surprises and will definitely appeal to those who like more than one musical style.

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Together with Sikora, he covers the experimental, more playful area and uses sophisticated breaks and arrangements.And music speaks for itself: created with soul and passion, this is techno for the future, combining clubby dynamics with deeply original sound design."Techne", the second album of Jacek Sienkiewicz will be available from March 4th 2002 on, being the first artist album to be released on Cocoon Recordings, Sven Väth's record smithy.It is not the object that counts but rather the way we understand it.

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The Human Mind is an arrangement of simple neural nets, an enormous collection of simple processes formed into so-called "consciousness".Henze, is responsible for the more rude and dynamic pieces like "Blechtrommel" or "Sky High".