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) My bank account gon' have eight digits that is Let's go (Let's go) Verse 1: Nobody gave me nothing I made 50 of a pack When I made 100 I ran straight to the block Bounced back with the work like (Take it all, you need me) Yes, sir Niggas better get wit the program I'm fast on a track But I kill a slow jam Oh man, goddamn (Take it all, you need me) YB gang, that's the new thang Brand new chain is straight from Hussein Mo shoes, mo cars (Take it all, you need me) Mo clothes, mo brain, oh yeah You done seen a few niggas Wit a yang like me Never really had doh and shorty like my Never rolled around in a drop top V Like me, like we, YB, that's us Too fast, too hard (Take it all, you need me) Young Buck, catch up, yep I'mma prime time player Shorty, don't smoke weed She a high time hater and Why date her hand, my paper is (Take it all, you need me) Few taller than a skyscraper Niggas better know how to ride the 101 Big shotgun and I buy another one and another (And another) And another (And another) (Take it all, you need me) Keep going, is you wit it?You ain't got shit to say less you did it You ain't never came from nothin' and blew wit it (But) Who did it?His first single was "Sexy Lady", which features R&B singer Junior released in April 2007. His debut album Look What You Made Me was released on 2008 In 2001, he was signed to DMX's Bloodline Records.Yung Berg had been previously signed to DMX's Bloodline Records as Iceberg. He made his debut on the Exit Wounds soundtrack on the song "Dog 4 Life" as Iceberg.He released a mixtape called The Show, The Hotel and The Afterparty on January 7, 2010, a collaboration mixtape with his brother K-Young called ‘Money Can’t Buy Love’ on May5, 2010 and another mixtape called Ground Work on September 28, 2010.He had many other releases on the way like The Love Project and Chicago Redemption, which was released on June 20, 2011 and June 2, 2012 respectively.

He also worked as a recording assistant and hypeman for Chicago rapper ‘Shawna’ and member of Disturbing the Peace.Also, he has 401K followers Instagram with his 1610 posts.He also never fails to impress her fans with his sexy shirtless pictures. It's 'bout time, real Chi-Town niggas link up Without no further a due I give you Yung Berg and Twista, let's get it in Where do we go from here?

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Now that all of the children are grown up And I will respond my time Knowing nobody gives us a hand Aye (Aye) If y'all niggas don't get ya money right This time you know what sayin' I'm giving niggas till the end of 07 'bout 08 (Where we going?

(Yep) I did it YB, that's the new Hook: Where do we go from here? (Take it all, you need me) Verse 2 (Twista): Now, now, I'm a old G in the city and ya knew one day A nigga was gon' come along and spit that real shit Wanna bet, what?