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Clichés are never enough and they rarely comfort or encourage.What I appreciated most from people when I was single was giving me their time.Relationships and marriage are best, but that doesn't mean that single is 'second-rate.'" ----- "Looking at this as a Christian single man, 34 years of age, the problem is not being picky and waiting for someone better is more a fear of not making a mistake that will end up with me being miserable or repeating the mistakes of the past-neglect, abandonment, divorce.It became the most-read article on last year, and many readers sent me letters based on their experiences.

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While God did design the woman to have her desire after her husband (Genesis ), a girl is just as valued and honored by God when she is not on a man's arm.When my husband and I got married, I was ticked at how many people threw marriage books at us.We accumulated at least 15 books within a matter of one month—and it made me feel like I didn’t matter before as a single person. " is neither the only nor the most important question on that list.Let God take care of the orchestration in His perfect time." ----- "How tricky it is to put any 'rules' on dating.

Maybe we should instead be seeking to transform ourselves into Godly men and women, and then go from there.And perhaps, when God brought Marc into my life, it was because my "singleness-to-glory ratio" was now fully maximized; for me, it was time to partner with someone and learn how to bring God glory I know firsthand clichés don’t work in the moment—they never do.